Build The House of Your Dreams

Luxury, Comforting, Stylish Home With Premium Kitchen & Baths

Are you looking to live in a house of your dreams? Everything custom and perfect just like you imagined it? Well we can help you make this dream a reality.

Domus Surfaces has the experience and resources needed to complete even most complicated and detail orientated projects. We have designers, fabricators and installers that we have partnered with and together can bring the puzzles into one piece.

You have to ask yourself what is your dream house really like? Is it something you seen at a movie, maybe friend's or collegues home, or something that you imagined and were able to draw in your mind.

Regardless just like when a picture is painted if good oils will last long time and give a brilliant picture, while with less quality ones will eventually fade out or even fall apart form canvas, with your house you also want to make sure you use quality products and the installation is done correctly. In addition certain materials may work better for a certain project, then others. We have a lot of experience working with clients in Sacramento, Sonoma and Bay Area.

We can help you with bringing your picture to reality, with design, selection of the best products and oversee proper installation.