Newsletter Release FE00003 - 05/22/2013 
Featured Event: Blow-Out sale 


Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce that we have yet another Blow-Out Sale at Domus Surfaces which you can enjoy! Please visit us and see items for sale at:
8460 Elder Creek, Sacramento, CA 95828

Please mention promotion code: DS-SALE520 to receive your discount.

We are looking forward seeing you! Come by yourself or bring co-workers and friends!

Some of our products included in the Blow-Out Sale:

  Giallo SF Real - 2CM

Item 1: Block# 43954, DMS# 136, 125x70x26
Item 2: Block# 8235, DMS# 328, 133x74x10
Item 3: Block# 7902, DMS# 328, 115x72x10

Wizard Green - 2CM

Item 1: Block# 102, DMS# 143, 134x74x41

Jup. Wave - 2CM

Item 1: Block# 43, DMS# 265, 114x75x25
Item 2: Block# 41, DMS# 265, 114x75x17
Item 3: Block# 40, DMS# 266, 114x75x20

Giallo Atlantide - 3CM

Item 1: Block# N/A, DMS# 250, 110x70x11

Sunny Marble - 2CM

Item 1: Block# N/A, DMS# 250, 113x73x25

Bianco Giola - 2CM

Item 1: Block# N/A, DMS# 239, 112x66x9 & 117x60x11

Azul Imperiale - 2CM

Item 1: Block# 110, DMS# 347, 93x65x19

Giallo Fiorito - 2CM

Item 1: Block# N/A, DMS# 322, 118x77x21

Verde Butterfly - 3CM

Item 1: Block# 4962, DMS# 338, 115x78x12
Item 2: Block# 5016, DMS# 338, 122x70x7

Baltic Brown - 3CM

Item 1: Block# N/A, DMS# 026, N/A

Uba Tuba - 3CM

Item 1: Block# 17437, DMS# 037, 126x72x14

Caramel Gold - 2CM

Item 1: Block# 232, DMS# 253, 110x69x33

Bianco Dalmata- 3CM

Item 1: Block# 288, DMS# 022, 123x74x11

Don't forget to mention promotion code: DS-SALE520 to receive your discount.

Our products are natural and therefore colors, styles and other product properties may vary. The pictures provided are for approximate reference only. If you require exact preference please request a photo of actual product currently in stock or stop by to see yourself.

Products are available why last and sold as first come - first serve priority. Please call to check availability and confirm your order is correct.

  For any questions about the event or our products please use one of the communication methods below. We appreciate your business!

  Domus Surfaces is located on:
8460 Elder Creek
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: (916) 387-8300
Fax:     (916) 387-1700

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